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Pfatisch Torino
Handmade production - salati


80 different types of “salatini”, some of which are: puffs with cheese fondue, tuna or a vegetable mix with mayonnaise, mignon (small squares of white bread with various fillings) short crust pastries (savoury short crust with various fillings), vol au vent (puff pastry with various fillings), sticks (pepper and anchovy), rose shaped buns (home made buns with various fillings), rectangles (small slices of bread often with the filling spread on top), squares (small slices of bread with various fillings), puff pastry squares (with various fillings), rolls (puff pastry with liver pate or cheese fondue).

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Gustavo Pfatisch Torino Locale Storico d'Italia
Gustavo Pfatisch

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Gustavo Pfatisch
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Gustavo Pfatisch
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